Drinking Matcha Tea for Weight Loss

Drinking Matcha Tea for Weight Loss

Matcha is fast becoming a darling in the tea world. When it comes to improving your health through your diet, matcha green tea is THE drink of the moment of health-conscious celebrities and nutritionists. What was once a traditional drink in Japan has spread across the world with matcha green tea being served in coffee shops and juice bars. Matcha matsu green tea has been marketed as a weight loss by boosting metabolism.

The flush of antioxidant catechins EFCG in matcha matsu green tea is about 137 times more as compared to regular green tea thus having it linked to potential weight loss benefit. According to Journal of Chromatography published in 2003, the concentration of EGCG from drinking matcha matsu tea is about three times higher than that of regular green tea. Research has been conducted to prove that EGCG helps to prevent the growth of new fat cells while also increasing the metabolism rate in humans. A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that the consumption of EGCG in matcha tea increases the body’s natural rate of burning calories by nearly 400%. Therefore during moderate-intensity exercise, drinking matcha tea can boost one’s metabolism thus enhancing weight loss.

A National Institute of Health study states that green tea was shown to increase fat oxidation by an average of 17% therefore increases the burning of fat to be an energy source for the body. This works because the main antioxidant in the tea helps inhibit an enzyme which in turn signals fat cells to break down.

How to incorporate matcha green tea into your weight loss plan?

  • One can incorporate drinking matcha tea into their daily morning and also between meals
  • Have it while snacking to help keeping your appetite in check as a study by Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition published in September 2015 showed that EGCG stimulates hormones that help you feel full
  • Have a cup of matcha green tea before working out and follow a reduced calorie diet

So if you are trying to lose that excess weight, matcha green tea could be your best friend in boosting metabolism and weight management.