Why you should try matcha tea with milk?

Why you should try matcha tea with milk?

Did you know matcha is a superfood? There is a reason why the Japanese use matcha in various food dishes and drinks. This vibrant green powder has been shown to have an abundance of health benefits due to its high antioxidant continent. Because of this, there have been studies shown for it to help the skin, have cancer-fighting effects, and boost your overall immunity.

These benefits have triggered many people around the world to include matcha in their diet. Whether it’s eating it in food, swallowing matcha pills, or having matcha drinks. The most popular method of consuming matcha though is by having matcha tea.

While there may be some debate about what type of grain you pick to have for your matcha tea, there’s only one common way people drink it. That is, HOT and on its own.

However, today we are going to challenge the traditional consumption of matcha. Instead of drinking matcha on its own, we DARE you to have it with milk.

Here Are 5 ways to try Match Tea with milk

If you’ve ever tasted matcha, especially matcha tea, you will know how powerful it can take over your tastebuds. You either love it or hate it. We feel, if you try matcha tea with milk, it can take your tastebuds to another realm.

1. Matcha Latte

Matcha Lattes are incredibly popular in Japan but have now taken the world by storm. Aesthetically pleasing on the eye, enjoy a matcha latter hot or even cold. This is matcha tea with milk, powder, sweetener, and spices. Don’t be fooled by the name though, this drink is still classed as a tea. It’s just is a healthier version of coffee! This latte will tickle your tastebuds long after you’ve drunk it. It’s so tasty; even Starbucks sell it using steamed milk!

2. Matcha Pudding

What, you can have matcha in a pudding? Simply relax at the gorgeous light green texture of a matcha pudding before eating it. A matcha pudding is powdered matcha tea with milk, hot water, honey, or syrup. This is a light yet delicate dish to have after dinner, which will definitely hit your sweet spot.

3. Matcha Lassi

Have you heard or tried the traditional yet popular drink of India and Pakistan, Lassi? What about infusing those nations with Japan, putting together a matcha lassi! Before we explain what it is combined. Let us tell you about what a lassi is. A lassi is a drink of yogurt mixed with milk and a delightful one to drink in hot weather. Now add in matcha! This makes it even sweeter and a great refreshing drink to have in the summer.

4. Matcha Bubble Tea

Bubble tea? Yes, you can infuse Japan and Taiwan together in a drink! Anything is possible with matcha. Enjoy drinking bubble tea and allowing the bubbles to pop in your mouth with the flavor of matcha tea with milk.

5. Kyoto Matcha Custard

Bring the traditional city of Kyoto into your home, by trying Kyoto matcha custard. This is a popular dish within Japan, which consists of matcha tea with milk, heavy cream, egg yolks, and sugar. We can guarantee, it’s easy to make and will enhance your tastebuds. Learn how to make it here.

There you have 5 ways to have matcha tea with milk and 5 reasons to try it! We’d suggest to not google too much about matcha tea with milk. As it can be quite a controversial subject with some people saying the qualities of matcha are diluted when you drink it with milk.

To us, that does not matter as matcha is excellent whatever way you can have it in your life. Irrespective of its health benefits, we feel you should try matcha tea with milk for its taste alone!

Have you tried matcha tea with milk before? Let us know your thoughts down below.