The Healthy and Delightful Organic Matcha Green Tea

Japanese tea has remained popular from centuries ago for its metabolism enhancing and mind focusing properties. The Japanese tea tradition is related to consumption of matcha tea which is prepared in a unique manner. Matcha green tea is made from the highest quality of Japanese tea leaves which is refined into vibrant green color powder. Premium grades (ceremonial grades) of matcha are consumed in the form of tea while the culinary grades are using for cooking and flavoring purpose. Whatever the variety you decide upon, the tea is naturally organic and offers a satisfactory taste.

The tea powder is prepared in a unique traditional manner from growing to grounding. Several weeks before the harvest, the tea plants are covered so that these grow under shade. This is a crucial step to provide a distinct dark green color to the leaves and enhance their chlorophyll content. The tea are steamed and then air dried instead of being pan fried or roasted. To prepare fine quality matcha, stems and veins are removed. Finally, the leaves are properly stone ground to produce a finely textured Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder. There is a technic to grinding the leaves. This will impact the taste and enhances the savor of the green tea.

This soft textured powder is whisked up into a delightful and energizing bowl of tea. When drinking this matcha tea, you basically ingesting the leaves as a whole hence, consuming its health benefits. This nutrient rich green tea is rich in amino acids and anti oxidants that are essential for your body and mind. Matcha tea also acts as a fat burner, detoxifier and also removes harmful free radicals which cause cardiovascular disease and raise the cholesterol levels in the body.

Hence, organic matcha tea powder is an ideal drink for those who wish to upkeep your body and your mind relaxed.